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Montrose client Percy with OT Rochelle

Support for Percy

Percy was four-years-old when his local child health nurse recommended that his family seek support from an Occupational Therapist. He had just been diagnosed with a severe language delay and was experiencing sensory difficulties at home and kindy.

Unable to get into a Paediatrician for formal diagnosis, Percy started accessing therapy at Montrose privately, and with a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP).

“Percy had a severe language delay and we wanted some help with his social and emotional understanding. We accessed OT to give him a hand to develop socially appropriate skills in preparation for school,” said Percy’s mum Jessica.

Montrose Occupational Therapist Rochelle said CDMPs play a vital role in early intervention and can help ease the financial burden for those requiring support while they explore or await diagnosis.

“Evidence shows that the brain is most flexible in early life. At Percy’s age the brain can better recognise and adapt to new or unexpected challenges so early intervention is really important because it allows us to equip children with strategies to overcome things they find difficult. It sets them up for more success in their day-to-day lives, and gives them the best start at school by being able to make friends and achieve both academically and socially.

“Getting supports earlier, also eases the burden on families, as diagnosis can be really challenging to go through alone,” Rochelle (OT) said.

Occupational Therapy support for Percy

Through regular therapy Rochelle has worked with Percy on his emotional regulation, attention and transitions. She has also worked closely with Percy’s teachers to help develop strategies for the classroom.

Percy’s regulation skills have improved enormously. He has gone from not being able to communicate his feelings and experiencing meltdowns to being able to let out a sigh to show that he is frustrated or calm himself down independently,” Rochelle (OT) said.

“Our therapy sessions imitate the changing environment of a classroom and use a lot of co-regulation strategies. We often start with book reading as we know this calms Percy and then move to more challenging activities, like hand writing and puzzles to test his regulation.

Despite feeling nervous about how Percy would adapt to Prep this year, mum Jessica said he is thriving at school.

“Through Occupational Therapy Percy has learnt about emotions, and how to emotionally regulate. He has also worked on how to manage disappointment and time, like learning to wait his turn – all of which are really important skills for school.

Percy practicing hand writing

“The support from Montrose has helped Percy immensely at school. It’s enabled him to fit into his regular school classroom a lot easier and relate to his peers,” she said.

As well as ongoing therapy, Montrose has supported the family with assessments and funding applications.

Rochelle (OT) said “I have completed a number of Occupational Therapy assessments to gauge Percy’s progress and identify any additional support needs. I have also helped the family apply for Early Childhood and Early Intervention as well as the NDIS after Percy received a formal diagnosis”.

Mum Jessica says Montrose has had an incredible impact on both Percy and their family.

“Montrose have really helped Percy understand how his world works and how he fits into it. It’s made life a lot easier at home and at school”

Occupational Therapy from Montrose

Montrose Occupational Therapists work with children and young people living with neuromuscular disabilityphysical disabilitydevelopmental delayIntellectual disability and ASD. All of our therapists are paediatric experienced and will follow a play-based approach to make sessions fun and engaging.

We currently have immediate Occupational Therapy availability at some centres – call us for the latest appointment information. We also have immediate Physiotherapy availability at multiple centres across South East Queensland for clients who require multidisciplinary support. If you have recently received a diagnosis or you are looking for a new therapy team, call our team on 1800 193 362 to discuss your needs and how our team can help.

Find out more about Montrose Occupational Therapy services here.

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