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Therapy Assistants at Montrose

You may need additional, intensive support to achieve a specific goal. At Montrose we can help you with this through our Therapy Assistant service.

Your Montrose therapy programs can be supported by a Therapy Assistant under the supervision of a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist.

Therapy Assistants may be used:

  • Where the use of a Therapy Assistant provides an opportunity for clients to practice skills developed with your therapist, to ensure integration of these skills into daily life.
  • When your therapist identifies that more more frequent therapeutic intervention would be beneficial.
  • Where your therapist identifies that progress can be further enhanced by the additional support of a Therapy Assistant and training of others in your support network.
  • Where ongoing intervention is required but there are insufficient funds for the frequency of therapy required.
  • For resource development thus saving Therapist funds for more complex tasks.

Funding Therapy Assistants

You can choose to use your NDIS daily living budget to purchase both therapy services and/or Therapy Assistant services. Montrose can offer a wider variety of service options for clients with this model, tailored to suit family circumstances and client need.


  • Increased frequency of sessions. This supports quicker or more successful achievement of goals. Therapy Assistant support could be in addition to your usual therapy sessions or replace some of those times e.g. seeing your therapist monthly and the Therapy Assistant weekly.
  • Access to therapy that you would otherwise not be able to access (due to waiting times and appointment availability etc.)
  • Accessing more sessions for less of your NDIS funding.
  • A second person to work with can assist in motivation for therapy for both child and adult clients, and can therefore increase progress towards goals.

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