Speech Pathology Services

Speech Pathology

When to seek help from a Speech Therapist?

Speech Therapists can provide support with the following:

  • Difficulties with talking, reading or being understood
  • Delayed speech development
  • Difficulty understanding language or non-verbal communication
  • Specialised communication aids and resources
  • Mealtime assistance when eating is difficult or for a fussy eater and those with swallowing difficulties
  • Assessments

A Montrose Speech Therapist will work with you to assess the cause of the problem and to develop a program to treat communication disorders. Our Speech Therapists can also assist with identifying and introducing Assistive Technology.

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Speech Therapy Services

Your ability to communicate

Our team of expert speech pathologists are here to improve your ability to communicate with others, through training and exercise and alternative communication techniques. We can also provide you with, or help you source, specialised communication aids and resources to help you communicate successfully.

Verbal and Literacy Skills

If you have issues with verbal and literacy skills our team of specialised experts can work with you to improve these important skills enhancing your ability to communication.

Mealtime Assistance

If you find eating difficult or even if you just have a fussy eater our team of speech pathologist can provide you with assistance and advice to make mealtimes easier for everyone.

Paediatric Speech Therapy

For children who may be having trouble with verbal and literacy skills, our team of experts specialise in paediatric speech therapy to give your child the best chance of success.

Training Programs

We can provide education and training for parents, guardians, carers, support workers and educational staff. This may relate to a client’s specific needs or condition and can be provided in home, community and school settings. We also offer advice on how you can assist someone who has difficulty communicating.

Assessments and Recommendations

Our friendly team of experts will assess your communication ability. They will also take the time to provide you with a comprehensive report of you communication abilities, complete with their recommendations for therapy.

Therapy Assistants

You may need additional, intensive support to achieve a specific goal.  At Montrose we can help you with this through our Therapy Assistant service.

Your Montrose therapy programs can be supported by a Therapy Assistant under the supervision of a Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

Your Montrose therapist will design a program that targets specific goals to be delivered by your Therapy Assistant. This could involve intensive focus on an important goal, ongoing practice to achieve an outcome or resource development.

Therapy Assistant programs usually include 6-10 sessions and case notes will be completed following each session by the Therapy Assistant.

In some cases, programs can be developed for delivery by your own Disability Support Worker. This has the same benefits as delivery by a Montrose Therapy Assistant but can allow delivery at home or in the community, and as part of your existing support plan.

Find out more about Therapy Assistants here.


Speech Pathology is available via TeleTherapy and at the following Montrose Centres.

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