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What is Aquatic Physiotherapy?

Aquatic Physiotherapy (sometimes called Hydrotherapy) is the use of warm water properties to stimulate rehabilitation, exercises and relaxation. It offers tangible benefits to the health, fitness, functional improvements and wellbeing of children and young people with a range of disabilities or health conditions:

  • The warmth of the water has a beneficial effect on muscle tone and flexibility.
  • Hydrostatic pressure has cardiorespiratory benefits, allowing increase circulation and supporting lung function.
  • Aquatic Physiotherapy can provide sensory regulating benefits for children with sensory processing challenges.
  • The natural buoyancy of the water reduces the effects of gravity, easing joint pressure and allowing muscle activation that would otherwise be difficult or painful on dry land.
  • This can allow movement practice and learning of motor patterns in an assistive and pain free environment.
  • Certain Exercises in the water can increase movement resistance and assist in strengthening muscles and building functional capacity on land.

Montrose therapists are specially trained in Aquatic Physiotherapy techniques and safety. Therapist complete assessments with client to understand needs and establish therapy goals in order to individualise programs.

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