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Physiotherapy for neuromuscular conditions

Neuromuscular conditions can affect muscle strength, walking and other gross motor skills. In turn, this impacts a child’s ability to play and develop.

Physiotherapists can assess and advise on the management of conditions as well as identifying strengths and challenges  and changes over time. Physiotherapists are also aware of the correct assessments to use for children and young people with neuromuscular conditions, as these are very specific and sometimes require additional training.

The aim of physiotherapy support from Montrose is to maximise mobility, strength and function, and maintain or develop independence. Physiotherapists have an important role in monitoring fatigue and changes in function, minimising secondary complications such as contractures and spinal issues.

Some neuromuscular conditions can cause breathing difficulties for children. Montrose physiotherapists can monitor and advise on respiratory care.

Physiotherapy for neuromuscular conditions may involve:

Activity advice

Stretching exercises where appropriate

Walking practice and support for gait modification

Advice on orthotics and splinting

Mobility and assistive technology advice

Your Montrose therapist will develop a personal plan to help you or your child achieve your goals.

For most neuromuscular conditions, support will start with a Physiotherapist who can advise on maintaining and supporting developmental and functional needs. Your Montrose Physiotherapist is part of a multidisciplinary team including Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Social Workers. This means that additional supports can be accessed quickly and easily.

Find out more about our support for neuromuscular disabilities here.

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Physiotherapy is available via TeleTherapy and at the following Montrose Centres.

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