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Physiotherapy Services


When to get help from a Physiotherapist?

Montrose Physiotherapists provide movement and mobility therapies for children and young people living with neuromuscular disability, physical disability, developmental delay, Intellectual disability and ASD. Your Montrose Physiotherapist will work closely with you and your family to monitor and treat movement disorders, address muscle and pain issues and improve mobility.

We can provide support with the following:

  • Improving balance, coordination, strength and flexibility
  • Gross motor development assessment and therapy– sitting, crawling, walking
  • Gross motor skill development – ball skills, riding a bike, playground access at school and community
  • Monitoring and treating movement disorders, addressing and improving mobility
  • Disability related respiratory assessment and management
  • Exercises to improve posture and help control movement
  • Advice on how to physically assist someone including manual handling training
  • Reaching age-appropriate gross motor abilities such as running, hopping and riding a bike
  • Aquatic Physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy)
  • Equipment applications, e.g. Powerdrive wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, buggy’s, strollers, pressure relief cushions, beach wheelchairs, standing frames, modified tricycles, walking aids etc
  • Liaison with Education settings and childcare services to promote optimal participation and support
  • Paediatric physiotherapy in Brisbane and South East Queensland
  • Disability Related Health Supports.

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Your first sessions

Montrose Sunshine Coast Physiotherapist Jay explains what to expect at your first physio sessions.

Find out more about our Physiotherapy Services

A boy is throwing a basketball while a Montrose therapist watches


Our expert team of therapists will work with you on a range of exercises tailored to your needs. These exercises are designed to increase your coordination, strength and flexibility. They also help to improve your posture and help control your movement. We can also assist with exercises for people who are suffering from respiratory interventions.

A young girl laughs during a physiotherapy session

Paediatric Physiotherapy

If your child is having trouble with anything including balance, strength or coordination, it is important you address these issues early. The expert team at Montrose will be able to provide your child with the appropriate children’s physiotherapy to focus and improve these limitations, giving your child the best possible chance of success.

Mobility Equipment

We can assist with the selection, assessment and prescription for any mobility equipment that you may need. This includes wheelchairs, walkers and standing frames.

Video: Patrick’s got new wheels!

With the support of Montrose physiotherapists, four-year-old Patrick loved taking his new trike for a spin around our South Brisbane Office.

Trike-riding supports clients with social participation and can assist with balance, coordination and building strength.

A colourful wheelchair and a physiotherapy session

Reaching Milestones

At Montrose, we believe that a disability shouldn’t get in the way of you living your life to the fullest. Our paediatric physiotherapy services can assist in helping children reach age-appropriate milestones such as running, hopping and riding a bike.

A young boy is in the swimming pool doing a physiotherpy hydrotherapy session.

Aquatic Physiotherapy

Most of our Service Centres offer Aquatic Physiotherapy (sometimes called hydrotherapy or water physiotherapy) as part of our physiotherapy programs. Aquatic Physiotherapy  is the use of warm water properties to stimulate rehabilitation, exercises and relaxation. Find out more here.

A Montrose physiotherapist is working with two clients using exercise bikes

Assessments and Reports

Our friendly team of physiotherapists can provide you with assessments and comprehensive reports with recommendations to benefit the progression of your physiotherapy.

A carer talks to a girl in a wheelchair

Training Programs

We can provide education and training for parents, guardians, carers, support workers and educational staff. This may relate to a client’s specific needs or condition and can be provided in home, community and school settings. We also offer advice on how you can physically assist a child or young person who has a disability or mobility impairment.

Therapy Assistants

You may need additional, intensive support to achieve a specific goal.  At Montrose we can help you with this through our Therapy Assistant service.

Your Montrose therapy programs can be supported by a Therapy Assistant under the supervision of a Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

Your Montrose therapist will design a program that targets specific goals to be delivered by your Therapy Assistant. This could involve intensive focus on an important goal, ongoing practice to achieve an outcome or resource development.

Therapy Assistant programs usually include 6-10 sessions and case notes will be completed following each session by the Therapy Assistant.

In some cases, programs can be developed for delivery by your own Disability Support Worker. This has the same benefits as delivery by a Montrose Therapy Assistant but can allow delivery at home or in the community, and as part of your existing support plan.

Find out more about Therapy Assistants here.


NDIS Physiotherapy for children with a disability is available via TeleTherapy and at the following Montrose Centres. Additional funding options are available. 

You can also see clinic locations here.


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Learning together

At Montrose, we recognise the importance of connecting with our colleagues and sharing knowledge to support our clients. This week, our physiotherapists came together for Montrose Connect 2023: Physiotherapy. This was an incredible day for our physiotherapists to network and learn from one another. Our Discipline Lead for Physiotherapy, Isabella, has been working behind the […]

Greater Independence for Rylee

Rylee is in grade nine and has been coming to Montrose since before she started school. Over the years she has received multi-disciplinary support from Montrose and more recently a new Assistive technology that has had an ‘immeasurable impact’ on the 14-year-olds independence. Sunshine Coast Physiotherapist Amanda said she had been working with Rylee to [...]

Winnie’s amazing journey

Like many little girls, three-year-old Winnie loves barbie dolls, going to kindy and playing with her sister, Eden (5). However, these are milestones her family didn’t expect her to reach after she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1 at four-months-of-age. “When we first received the news, we were told Winnie’s life expectancy [...]

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