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TeleTherapy Services

TeleTherapy offers you access to specialist therapists with experience in developmental delay, neuromuscular disabilities and paediatric disability services.

It is also a chosen option for clients who:

  • Find it more convenient to stay at home
  • Need an option to continue therapy, either temporarily or permanently, when visiting a centre is not possible
  • Are looking to combine both TeleTherapy and Face-to-Face therapy to take advantage of the different therapy formats.

Montrose therapy services including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy are all available via TeleTherapy. It is also called TeleHealth consultations by some people.

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How is TeleTherapy different?

There are some obvious differences – for starters, you and your therapist are not physically in the same room!

However the rest of the session is much the same. Wherever possible, your therapist will incorporate resources you already have available in your home.

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What are the advantages of TeleTherapy?

For clients who suffer from anxiety, online therapy may be less stressful because it’s from the comfort of your home.

The unique format of TeleTherapy also make it better suited to certain therapy activities. For example children who are drawn to screens may find it easier to listen to the therapist and follow sequences.

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How does it work?

Your therapists will send you a session plan so you can print and prepare the resources you will need.

On the day of your therapy you simply need to click on the link we will send. With your support, our therapist will deliver an engaging and quality therapy session online.

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What do you need to participate in TeleTherapy?

To participate in TeleTherapy you need a device (such as an ipad, smart phone or computer) and internet access.

You may be asked to download a small program or app to your device. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a tech expert. It’s simple and we’ll help with instructions.

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You can access Montrose Physio, OT and Speech Pathology using TeleTherapy

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Montrose is becoming part of Northcott!

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