TeleTherapy: Information for Montrose Staff

Download this information as a pdf here.

This page is designed for Montrose staff – for customer information on TeleTherapy, please go here.

What is it?

All our TeleTherapy sessions are run via Zoom. This is the same platform that we use for our internal video conferencing system. It can be used from most devices including  PC, laptop, Ipad or a mobile device. Below are the instructions for how to set up a customer TeleTherapy session.

Inviting the customer to a TeleTherapy session

Book the meeting

We have automatically added a plugin to the desktop version of Outlook to help. It should be visible as below.  If you cannot see this please download and install the “Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook” from this page.

If you are asked to login to Zoom – follow the “getting started” instructions in this pdf document.

1) In Outlook, click on “Schedule a Meeting” at the top right of the ‘Home’ tab.

schedule Zoom in outlook

2) The following box will appear – check the options selected are the same and click continue.

Zoom screen

3) Your meeting will then have the Zoom details added – simply invite people as per normal. Don’t forget to add any rooms you want to book.

You can add additional instructions but do not delete the link, meeting ID or alternative audio phone number.

Zoom email invite

When you are talking to the customer make sure that you ask them what email address to send the zoom link to.  It is best that they provide an address that can be opened on the device they intend to use. Advise the customer, where possible to select a device that can be moved during the therapy session i.e. to demonstrate the exercise the customer is currently undertaking.

Please add a copy of the booking details to the activity panel in CMS via ‘Log a call’ function. Update the subject line to Email.

To see the information your customer will receive when preparing for a TeleTherapy session, please go here.

What the Montrose team member needs to do 15 minutes prior to the session

  • Ensure you have downloaded the Zoom software to the device you will use for the session
  • Ensure you have a note of the meeting code
  • Gather any resources you will use – you can share these during the meeting but it is a good idea to email these in advance as well.

Entering the TeleTherapy meeting

The therapist and customer will both need to do the following to enter the TeleTherapy meeting

Just before entering the meeting you will be prompted to enter a display name. This name is only used to identify you in the meeting.

Zoom name

Join Audio via Computer

You will then be prompted to select how you wish to join your audio. In most cases, you should select Join Computer by Audio (TIP: by ticking the “Automatically join audio by computer…” option box first, will mean you won’t get prompted again in the future).


You are now in your TeleTherapy session

Basic troubleshooting

The Zoom website has many helpful articles:

Typical issues may include:

My audio is not working

My Audio is Not Working on iOS or Android

My Video/Camera Isn’t Working

Using the Zoom Client and Zoom Rooms with macOS 

Helpful videos

Video walkthroughs on getting started and more are available here:


You can access Montrose Physio, OT and Speech Pathology using TeleTherapy

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