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Nhon’s Story

A familiar face at Montrose, Nhon connected with us in 2002 for support to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder that is characterised by progressive muscle weakening. Now 23 year’s old Nhon is studying at university, demonstrating his passion, creativity, intelligence and kindness each day and overcoming he limits of his rare condition with his contagious positivity.

Nhon says Montrose has become family over the years, he says ‘Life is not about struggling; it’s about smiling, laughing and living. I am so thankful for the Montrose team who ensure I live life to the fullest with the time that I have’. Over the years Nhon has participated in the Lifestyle and Leisure Gap Year program and our Social Group, which supports young people through life transitions and aids exploring and developing interests, social and communications skills and increased independence.

Nhon’s dream is to become a motivational speaker and he has created a blog and YouTube channel for others to follow his journey.