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School classroom

Working in schools with Georgie

Montrose Occupational Therapist Georgie Hallinan often works individually with school students to complete observations, assessments and reports. She also regularly collaborates with school teachers to share her discipline specific knowledge.

As part of her SDSS work, Georgie recently developed a sensory regulating activity to increase student participation and reduce disruptive classroom behaviours and meltdowns. The activity’s noticeable benefits for teachers has meant the temporary trial at Mable Park State School is now being rolled out to other schools in the area.

“The activity provides the best transition for students to be ready to learn after the stress of their morning-to-school routines and the excitement of the playground. All students perform at their best when they experience calm heart rates, optimal arousal for learning and sensory regulation.

“The activity begins with engaging high movement actions like leap frogs and hopping and then slows down to more proprioceptive movements like marching and bear crawls to provide input to a child’s extremities and create sensory regulation in their body and mind.  Finally, it finishes with deep breathing as respiration is known to support attention and focus,” she said.

Georgie Hallinan

As an OT Georgie also develops and delivers Inclusive learning programs to school students.

“Inclusive education programs are personalised to each school’s environment and can focus on specific skills like fine motor or social skills.

“These considerations allow me to develop engaging and fun learning strategies which involve all children in the class, not just the students who might be experiencing difficulties,” she said.

The SDSS program offers schools the opportunity to enhance learning outcomes for students. Our therapists are experienced in working with children and can provide support, information and advice to teachers in areas like communication, concentration, participation, and social engagement.

“Working in partnership with educational staff helps identify ways to increase engagement in the classroom and participation in school activities.

“Additionally, I aid teachers to develop learning observation skills to help with discerning children who may not have age-appropriate school skills,” Georgie explains.

Montrose can provide Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy support to students and schools through the SDSS program.

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How SDSS supports are delivered is flexible, and is able to be tailored to the school and student’s need. Referrals can be made for students with a verified disability who require significant levels of educational adjustments. You can download our SDSS School Therapy Referral Form here.

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