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Montrose therapist and young girl smiling. They are beside a swimming pool.

Physio keeps Mia moving

Nine year old Mia has received support from Montrose since she was discharged from hospital following a critical illness that resulted in the amputation of all four limbs.

Despite this incredible challenge, and thanks to the support of her family and healthcare team including Montrose, she is able to live a full life. She enjoys school, friends and is the same bubbly, loving girl she was before.

Her initial support from Montrose was to assist with applying for assistive technology but that quickly developed to include Physiotherapy. Physio sessions are currently often held with Greg at their own pool. Mum, Amy, explains that hydrotherapy has been of vital importance to Mia.

“We started with hydrotherapy to promote movement. Greg ensures she is using her muscles properly and maintaining mobility. Mia really connects with him so it us fun for her and she always enjoys her Montrose sessions.”

“Because sessions are fun, it’s also possible for Greg to push her to do as much as she can. Her therapists build a strong connection to her so she trusts them and is motivated to work hard.” says Amy.

Greg and Mia looking at the camera

As well as the pool, Montrose sessions often take place in local parks.

“We often go to the parks near our house with Greg so we can work on movements and techniques to let Mia keep up with her friends. Her brother and sister often come too so they can have fun too,” says Amy.

Mia is now settled at school and has learned to walk and run with her prosthetics legs as well as writing and brushing her hair with her arms as they are.

“She’s generally very healthy in herself – the main challenge is that she keeps growing! So she needs new prosthetics regularly. The vital thing for us is that she continues to have a childhood. Mia is very focused on what she can do, and manages to achieve so much in and out of school – none of that would have come about without Montrose and her physio sessions,” says Amy.

Mia’s story – a warning for parents

Mia’s life changed in 2017. After developing sickness and flu-like symptoms she was initially sent home from hospital to rest. As her symptoms worsened, her parents rushed Mia back to hospital where it was discovered she was suffering from Sepsis, her body’s immune response to Influenza A, Influenza B, Respiratory Syncytial Virus and an invasive Streptococcal A bacterial infection. During treatment, her heart stopped and everyone feared the worst.

Thankfully, Mia pulled through but extensive damage had been done to her hands and feet. A bone scan showed that there was no blood circulating past Mia’s mid-forearm and mid-calf.  In November 2017, Mia had her arms amputated below the elbow and, on in January 2018, Mia had her legs amputated below the knee.

The family have been determined to help prevent other parents going through the same trauma. They have featured on television and in print to tell their story and make people more aware of sepsis. In particular:

  • Sepsis happens very, very fast!!!
  • Symptoms look like gastro or flu.
  • Go to hospital if you are worried and ask “Could It Be Sepsis?” Return to hospital if your gut tells you this isn’t right.

You can read more about the dangers of sepsis and read the full story of Mia’s illness and recovery at https://movementformia.org/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MovementForMia

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