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Learn to cook like Jamie Oliver with Lifestyle & Leisure

On Mondays our Lifestyle & Leisure group head to Jamie’s Ministry of Food Centre at Ipswich to learn basic cookery skills in a fun, practical and hands-on cooking class. The classes are aimed to teach participants the skills required to make simple, affordable, and healthy meals from scratch.

Once we arrived in Ipswich by train we headed down to the kitchen where the group aproned up and got started on this week’s ‘Kinder Surprise’ recipe. Each sharing a dual cooking station participants learn to support and aid each other as they cook their individual dish.

This week the group learnt to cook a ‘Mothership’ recipe. Taught by professional Food Trainers, participants learnt knife skills and techniques whilst making spaghetti bolognaise – a dish which serves as a base for another two other recipes. Shay, the Food Trainer, taught the group how to add different herbs, spices, sides, and steps to the dish to create other delicious meals like shepherd’s pie and chili con carne.

After all the ingredients were cooked to perfection the participants were offered the opportunity to eat their meal for lunch, package it in a container to take home for dinner, or freeze at home for an easy, quick meal later in the week. The group was also invited to take home recipe cards to ensure they can make the dish again, and again at home! Before we left, each individual was responsible for rinsing their plate and placing it in the dishwasher, teaching us the full process from prepping and cooking to cleaning up.

The class is followed by morning tea which is available for purchase at surrounding cafes, and eaten in the Nicholas Street Precinct by the water fountains – a time for the group to unwind and catch up before returning to Montrose’s Brisbane South Centre by train. The day is a great way to learn valuable life skills like cooking, catching public transport, and socialising within the community.

If you are wanting to learn how to cook, or add new recipes to your skillset, Montrose has availability for the Jamie’s Ministry of Food cooking classes. The classes are very affordable and can be included in your NDIS plan. Contact us on 1800 193 362 to find out more.


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