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The First Day at School!

Many children are starting school for the first time today, January 22nd! Good luck to students and parents alike.

Transitioning to school is one of the biggest steps in life for children. Although you can’t predict how your child will react to the new environment and routine, helping them practice certain skills beforehand can make the transition easier.

Although schools should be responsible for being ready and responsive to your child, contacting your local school early to discuss concerns and plan will establish the necessary preparation to ensure a successful transition. Our general pointers to getting started are:

  • To communicate with your school and get involved
  • To help your child build school and home routines
  • To build your child’s confidence – talk positively about your school experiences and encourage them to talk about their positive experiences and any worries they might have.

Don’t forget to consider your own feelings and how you’ll manage them – it’s a big step for everyone.

Occupational therapy could also be a beneficial step in readying your child for school.

Occupational therapy helps children develop routines at home like learning how to get ready in the morning and establishing homework routines. It also equips school staff to modify the school environment and tasks in ways that enable your child’s performance.

If you think that your child could benefit from therapy, contact Montrose on 1800 193 362



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