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6 Helpful & Informative Blogs for Families Living With Disability

It’s difficult to understand how it feels to live with a disability, or to be parent of a child with one. Here is a list of the 6 best blogs to follow covering everything from personal experience and politics to community and travel.


Parker Myles

Kat, a mother of two, only discovered her son had down syndrome in the birthing suite. As a single mum she began Parker Myles, a warm, tear – jerking and lovingly written blog, on raising children with disabilities. Her blog has featured many viral articles and covers everything from personal notes and experience stories, to communication skills, calls for action. Kat’s blog has become an online community, with many families reaching out to share their stories and lessons for raising kids with disability.


Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Author of Have Wheelchair Will Travel, understands that travelling the world, and experiencing different cultures is one of the best experiences life can give you, and strongly believes that disability should not prevent anyone from this amazing opportunity. This blog is heartwarming, informative and filled with tips and tricks for travelling with wheelchairs. With a son diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Julie and her husband have been travelling as a family for 22 years. Their experiences in travel, both in the US and Australia are all well documented in the blog and the articles cover everything from the best airlines, hiring cars, backpacking, tours and more. When not travelling overseas, Julie and her family blog about weekend trips and outings. Covering as many wheelchair accessible places around Australia as possible .


Disability Sports Australia

Disability Sports Australia is a government run website with information on the huge variety of disability adapted sports in Australia. The site covers types of sports available, how they are adapted for people with disability and where they can be played. It’s a great starting point if you are wanting your child to become involved in social or competitive sports.


Disability Thinking

Disability Thinking is a comprehensive blog about about disability life, ideas, identity, culture and politics. The author, Andrew, is a graduate in history with a Master in Rhetoric and Communications studies and is diagnosed with Arthrogryposis. The blog offers great weekly reading lists covering a range of topics related to disability. The author also has a monthly podcast on disability depiction in media.


Active Rehab – link removed as no longer working

Active Rehab is dedicated to improving the Quality of Life of Australia’s disabled citizens. Its blog covers everything from the best Apps for handicapped children, to breakthroughs in disability accessibility. The blog aims to educate people on how to deal with a variety of disabilities, alongside ways to get family members with disability active and involved with everyday life.


Wheelchair Travel

Triple amputee, John, from the united states who was told travel would be impossible after his accident in 2012. Now he has flown over half a million miles since his recovery with no plans to slow down. John’s blog provides plenty of insight into travelling with disability in America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.Travelling both Solo and with friends or family his blog covers the most wheelchair accessible cities in each continent. The article cover topics such as disability accessible transport, accommodation and activities. John’s blog aims to prepare you with everything you need to know about wheelchair travel, and works to de-marginialise disability travel across the globe.



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