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COVID-19 Vaccination Update

We understand there is a lot of information and discussion around COVID-19 vaccinations and it can be difficult to take it all in. To help, we have summarised the key things we know on this page.

For the latest information directly from Government, please visit this site.

UPDATE June 8 2020: View information from the NDIS on vaccine eligibility here.

Montrose will follow the Government advice and will be strongly encouraging our staff to receive the vaccination as we believe it offers the best protection available against the infection. Montrose will continue with social distancing and other precautions for the foreseeable future, even when a majority of staff have been vaccinated.

The vaccine rollout starts in late February 2021 and will provide free vaccinations to all Australian citizens, permanent residents and temporary visa-holders.

The first priority group includes:

  • Aged care and disability care staff
  • Aged care and disability care residents

The second priority group includes:

  • Adults with an underlying medical condition, including those with a disability

The full list of priority groups can be viewed here.

COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary, but strongly encouraged. While the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) strongly encourages COVID-19 vaccination, at this time AHPPC has not recommended mandating COVID-19 vaccination for any workforce group or section of the population.

Getting a COVID-19 vaccination helps protect you, those with whom you live and work, your community and your loved ones. Evidence so far on the Pfizer/BioNTech and the University of Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines show they are very good at protecting against severe illness and death.

You can talk to your GP or a health professional about the COVID-19 vaccines and why vaccination is an important part of keeping the community safe and healthy. The Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) has undertaken a rigorous assessment process of potential COVID-19 vaccines to ensure that approved vaccines are safe and effective.

The Government is arranging for a wide range of locations to be vaccination stations including hospitals, pharmacies, doctors clinics, respiratory clinics.

Most people will need to book in for a vaccination once their priority group is announced and then travel to one of these locations to receive their dose.

We are following Government guidance and are strongly recommending our staff and clients receive the vaccination. However, we will not require anyone to do so and we will not prevent access to Montrose services for those who choose not to receive the vaccine. In some cases, additional precautions for appointments (for example Personal Protective Equipment) may be used.

More information will be provided to clients in the coming weeks.


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