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Liberty swing in an accessible playground

All Ability Playgrounds in Queensland

Outdoor play provides kids with the chance to explore the world around them and use their imagination. It is an integral element of their development. All ability playgrounds and accessible playgrounds create an environment that makes it easy for kids of all abilities to take part in fun and challenging outdoor play. All ability playgrounds use natural and built surroundings to encourage different types of play for children with a range of abilities.

 You can find a list on the Queensland Government website here. However, your local Council website may also have listings. There’s an additional great list for Brisbane on the Brisbane Kids site here. 

Accessible and inclusive play equipment

There is a wide range of playground equipment that has been specifically engineered to cater for children with different levels of ability. Here are some examples of equipment you might find at an all ability playground.

Wheelchair swings

Many playgrounds throughout Queensland have a wheelchair swing that enables a child in a wheelchair or with a physical impairment to experience the exhilaration of swinging through the air. These are often referred to as Liberty Swings. You can download a list on this page.

Wheelchair swing key

To use the wheelchair access swings in Queensland you will need a key. The above list of wheelchair access swings also includes information about where you can go to pick up a key for the wheelchair swing. You can also get in contact with your local council or Variety Queensland to order a wheelchair swing access key that will give you access to any swing Australia wide.

Accessible carousel

An accessible carousel is a high-backed merri-go-round. The design allows for wheelchairs to be locked in with no need for transfer. This equipment is available at George Clatron Park Wynnum and at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Accessible sand digger and accessible sandpits

An accessible sand digger can be operated by children in wheelchairs as it is positioned on the edge of the sandpit. This equipment is not only fun it also helps to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills while also encouraging imagination.  You can find an accessible sand digger at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Accessible sand pits usually include a transfer station that allows children to transfer from wheelchairs into the accessible sand pit. In other cases, the sandpit is raised allowing for children to play with the sand while sitting in their wheelchair.

Choice boards

Choice boards allow children of all abilities to communicate with the people around them. This is a fantastic way for kids to improve their social skills and enjoy the company of a diverse range of people their age. Whites Hill Reserve, Camp Hill has a choice board, as does the playground at the Brisbane Botanic playground. 

For more information about accessible and inclusive playgrounds and equipment in Queensland visit the Queensland Government Website.

Brisbane playgrounds

New Farm Park and Playground 

The New Farm Park Playground has a range of accessible features and play equipment. The park has two all abilities swing seats, a hammock swing and a Sway Fun family-sized double rocking chair. There are other standalone play stations which are accessible, along with toilets and disabled parking bays. Although the base of the playground is a combination of bark and sand, the decked pathways and softfall bases increase the play equipment’s accessibility for wheelchair users.

New Farm Park accessible hammock swing

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens Playground

The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens Playground has been designed with inclusivity in mind, providing a range of imaginative, sensory and physical play options. The equipment includes sensory panels for a mix of tactile, visual and auditory play, sand/ water play units, and accessible sand diggers which improve hand/eye coordination and encourage the imagination. There is also a harnessed swing seat with a rubber softfall base, an accessible carousel, and a multi-user rocker which can be accessed by wheelchair users. The main feature of the park is an accessible elevated play structure and includes ramped access, sensory panels, slides, and poles. Finally, the playground also features a quiet zone with sculptures for those with sensory difficulties.

Green elevated play structure with accessible grey slide

Brisbane North

The Hills District Park Arana Hills 

The Hills District Park at Arana Hills is an accessible playground located just 15 minutes from our Brisbane North Office. The fully fenced playground has multiple play areas with plenty of opportunity to engage in imaginative play. The equipment has been designed for inclusive play with all paths connected with rubber soft fall allowing the play elements to be wheelchair accessible. The park features a fort with ramp access, an accessible carousel that is flush with the ground, and two swings with high backrests and hard plastic harnesses.

Overhead shot of The Hills District Park

Upper Kedron Recreation Reserve 

Upper Kedron Recreation Reserve has fun for the whole family. It hosts a Liberty Swing and wheelchair accessible paths across the playground under a vibrantly painted walkway. Remember you will need a key for the swing which is available from Enoggera Ward Office of Brisbane City Council just call (07) 3407 2510. The park also has wheelchair accessible toilets and picnic shelters.

Blue and yellow Liberty Swing on red softfall base at Upper Kedron Recreation Reserve

CREEC Playground Burpengary  

The Caboolture Region Environmental Education Centre offers walking tracks, a community nursery and an all abilities playground. The playground has been designed with inclusivity in mind, with equipment including a modified flying fox with an all abilities swing seat, a wheelchair accessible carousel, an elevated play structure with ramped access and an accessible sensory hut with spinners, sliders and levers. All play elements are connected by wide concreate path and there is a path around the outside of the playground connecting to the two disabled parking bays and accessible toilets.

Accessible flying fox with green all abilities swing seat

Brisbane East

Carindale Recreation Reserve 

The Carindale Recreation Reserve has a variety of all ability play equipment. The playground features textured mounds, panels and spinners for sensory and interactive play and a spring toy to develop gross motor skills. There is also multiple all abilities swing seats and a multi-user spinner which wheelchair users can transfer onto and sit or lay on the disc.

Lady shows boy in wheelchair how to move clock handles on blue and yellow sensory panels while another boy watches on

Brisbane South

Rocks Riverside Park (Seventeen Mile Rocks)

Located just 10 minutes away from our Brisbane South Centre Rocks Riverside Park has play areas suited to different age groups and abilities. There is plenty of play equipment, a water play area and a Liberty Swing. The accessible swing can be accessed via key which can be collected from Jamboree Ward Office of Brisbane City Council. The park features plenty of open green space, wide concrete paths suitable for wheelchairs and two accessible toilets.

Blue and yellow Liberty Swing on red softfall base

Lorikeet Park 

The Lorikeet Park Playground in Mt Ommaney has inclusive play equipment. Here you will find a multi-user accessible rocker suitable for wheelchair users and an accessible large climbing unit.

Accessible elevated play structure at Lorikeet Park


Queens Park 

Queens Park is located 10 minutes away from our Ipswich Centre and is an all abilities playground. It features a Liberty Swing, accessible toilets and wide concrete paths which continue through to The Nature Centre. The Nature Centre is free to enter and hosts an array of native animals including Kangaroos, Wombats, Goats and Emus. There are pram and wheelchair friendly ramps and paths between the enclosures, and to the popular barnyard.

Colourful play equipment at Queens Park Playground


Logan Gardens Park 

The Logan Gardens Park in Logan Central is one of the original accessible playgrounds. There is a fenced all abilities play space with sensory mounds, musical chimes and drums that sit at wheelchair height as well as a harnessed swing seat with a high-back to support those with a disability. Other equipment includes water play to encourage social interaction and sensory skills. There are wide concrete paths within the playground and soft fall rubber surfaces to enhance the play features accessibility.

Young boy next to wheelchair touching red and blue sensory mound, similar to the ones at Logan Gardens Playground

Gold Coast 

Kurrawa All Abilities Playground Broadbeach

Featuring three main play areas, this fully fenced playground includes a Sandcastle zone with three sand tables at wheelchair height and a ramp leading to the sandcastle turret. In the playground you will also find a completely accessible yellow submarine with controls,  an accessible sway bridge, high backed swing/ flying fox seats, accessible rocker and a Liberty Swing. Each play area is connected by wide concrete paths and there are accessible toilets with an adult sized change area bench and hoist (accessed via same key as the Liberty Swing). The park is located a short drive away from our Gold Coast Centre.

Blue, green and yellow swing carousel with accessible swing seats

Sunshine Coast 

Maroochydore Rotary Park

Located only minutes from our Sunshine Coast Centre, this park hosts play areas for younger and older children. While both play areas are sand based there is access to play equipment in the boat-themed playground. However, there are no accessible paths leading to the equipment in the larger playground. Situated next to the larger play area is a wheelchair accessible Liberty Swing. The swing can be accessed by key which can be collected from Maroochydore Library between 9am- 5pm. (42 Sixth Avenue Cotton Tree). Street parking is available and there are paths leading in and around the playgrounds and wheelchair accessible toilets.

Timber boat play structure at Maroochydore Rotary Park

Pioneer Park at Landsborough

Pioneer Park is a full-fenced playground with an all-inclusive focus. There is accessible play equipment, braille signs and an arm propelled swing. The elevated house play structure is great for imaginative play and can be accessed via a ramp. The park also features a hammock swing which could allow those with physical limitations to sit or lay on the swing, and watch the clouds go by. There are flat paths for bike riding, scootering and wheelchair navigation. The park has accessible toilets and a carpark with disabled parking bays.

Accessible play structure with ramped access and accessible yellow and red rocker


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