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Support for your NDIS plan review

Your first National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan will usually last for 12 months although some plans are reviewed more quickly. NDIS plan reviews are a central part of managing your plan. They are designed to check in on progress and update/ set new goals. You will be contacted by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) when it is time for your NDIS review.

The main focus of a plan review will be to look at how you have progressed with your goals and ensure that your supports are continuing to help you achieve them.

Montrose can support you to prepare for and participate in your plan review. Please let us know when you receive notification that your review is due to take place. We will provide a Goal Achievement Plan that you can take to your review.

How to prepare for your plan review

In addition to your Montrose team, you can work with an NDIS representative, Support Coordinator (if you have one), a friend or family member to prepare for your plan review.

Start by thinking about your goals for both the short and longer term. Your new goals don’t necessarily have to be the same as your previous plan goals.

This can also be a good time to review what additional or new services are out there. This could include local clubs and community groups that you want to participate in. There may be additional Montrose services that you would like to seek funding to access.

Do I have to accept the plan review date I am given?

You do not have to accept the date you are given for your plan review if you feel that it is too early or not suitable. You can ask for another date closer to the expiry of your current plan. Just be sure that the new plan will be ready to start when the current plan ceases.

Do all NDIS plans last for a year?

As the NDIS has developed, we have found more variation in plan length. The main thing to ensure is that your plan reflects your needs and goals. The NDIS is about improving choice and control for people with a disability and their families. It is your plan so make sure you are comfortable with the length of your plan, the types of supports included and that you are given the right amount of time to achieve your goals.

Can I review my plan early?

If your circumstances change significantly and this affects the supports you need from the NDIS, you can request a plan review at any time. Find out more about early reviews and the review process on the NDIS website here.


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