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Skills 4 Life – Teens

Skills 4 Life is a skill development program that supports teenagers with disability to gain independence through a range of life skills.

Skills 4 Life is available in all Montrose Centres including Darra, Kedron, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Slacks Creek. Call us on 1800 193 362 to find out when the next Program starts near you.

Gain confidence

Learn practical life skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Develop the skills you need for a more independent life

Gaining new skills is a great way to build your confidence, independence and enjoyment of life. And it’s even better when you’re learning in a fun, social environment with new friends.

Whether it’s communicating and working with others, making decisions, or completing daily tasks around the house, enjoy the feeling of achievement that comes with learning new everyday skills.

Our team are passionate about life skill development and know how to make learning engaging and fun. You’ll discover your personal strengths and identify areas where you’d like to improve. As your abilities and confidence grow, you’ll feel motivated and inspired to set new goals and get even more out of life.

How Skills 4 Life can empower you to achieve your goals

Learning valuable life skills is a stepping stone to creating a more fulfilling life. Some of the ways the program can support your goals include:

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Make new friends

All the activities in Skills 4 Life are run in groups, which means you’ll be spending time with people your age. You can learn new skills and enjoy new experiences together. With a focus on fun and creativity, make new connections in a welcoming, relaxed setting which can grow into long-term friendships.

Learn by doing in a supportive environment

The best way to learn is hands-on. And the great thing about learning in a group is when you try a new activity by yourself for the first time, your new friends are around you to give you encouragement and support. You’ll improve through trial and error and learn from each other. Once people try the Skills 4 Life program, they love coming back each week. This will give you the familiarity of the same friendly faces and the freedom to be yourself.

Build everyday skills

Whether the skills you want to learn are large or small, they can be tailored to meet your individual needs. They include:

Communicating and socialising: Build your ability to share your opinions, take part in discussions, and work with and respect others. Get comfortable socialising and making new friends.

Household skills: Prepare and cook healthy and delicious food, and confidently manage your personal care and hygiene.

Going out and about: From eating out in cafes and restaurants to learning how public transport works, you’ll feel confident and in control when you go out.

Planning and decision-making: Learn how to plan ahead, prioritise tasks and make the right decisions in different situations.

Managing money: Understand how money works so you can budget and save up for the things you want to buy.

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Program of support

Skills 4 Life is available as a Program of Support under the NDIS. A Program of Support shows the supports that will be received by a participant over a specific period with an aim of helping help participants achieve specific goals.

Programs of Support run in blocks. If you cancel or do not attend on the day, you will be charged. You will need to provide 2 weeks’ notice if you decide to withdraw from the program completely.

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Need support to get funding?

Our community programs coordinator can work alongside your therapist to write a letter of support so that you can apply for, and access, the correct supports at your next NDIS plan review. Having the relevant supports in your plan allows you to engage with our programs and Short Term Accommodation when you leave school.

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