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Are you in year 12 or preparing to leave school?

We know that leaving the structure and safety of school for the world beyond can be intimidating. But no matter which path you choose it is important to find a support network that will help you pursue your goals.

Our Everyday Life Skills program offers support to young people with a disability who are making the transition out of high school. Through our programs we help clients to increase their confidence, find new friends, discover their strengths and work towards the future they choose.

The program for 2023 has been designed to help school leavers, aged 16 – 21, focus on social engagement after high school, build independent living skills and keep healthy during young adulthood. Each program is client centred and starts with identifying your individual goals such as getting fit, moving out, or finding education or employment opportunities.

The Everyday Life Skills program runs weekly with each day focussing on a specific theme and skill set. Dependent on your goals you might want to get involved all six days or pick and choose which courses best suit you!


If you are a keen cook join us at Jamie’s Ministry of Food to learn how to prepare simple, healthy and affordable meals at home.


Be social, have fun and make friends. You can even get involved in the planning of the activities and events.


Keep fit and healthy with our weekly Gym Program. The personalised programs are developed and supervised by an experienced personal trainer.


Build your independent living skills with our practical, hands-on Cooking Classes. These centred-based classes help you learn about food safety and new recipes.


Let your creativity run wild at our centred based Arts and Craft Day. Use the time to create new artwork or continue working on your Art program work.


the week finishes with our Social Group who visit exciting events and attractions like the NRL, musicals, theme parks and more.

Short Term Accommodation can also play a key role in post school options for young people with a disability

Along with our weekly programs, short stays at Our Getaway are a great chance to participate in community activities, build on social skills and develop independent living skills.

We have staff on hand to support you to achieve your goals or prepare you for moving into SIL accommodation. Many NDIS clients achieve independent living goals through accessing Short Term Accommodation and Support in their core funding.

Our Getaway is an accessible home away from home with large open spaces, individual bedrooms with TV, en-suite facilities and an accessible kitchen. It’s the perfect place for over 16s who are seeking more independence and an entertaining break from their current care environment.  To find out more click here or take a video tour.

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What goals can I achieve with the Everyday Life Skills program?

Whether you are focussed on gaining employment or moving out of home, we will work with you to define your goals, develop skills and get into a new routine. Our programs primarily focus on:

  • Building independent living skills
  • Building confidence with social interactions
  • Engaging in the community
  • Learning how to travel independently on public transport
  • Money management and organisation
  • Cooking and preparing food
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Discovering personal strengths and working towards your goals

What type of funding will I need in my NDIS plan?

Core supports and Capacity Building Supports in your NDIS Plan can help you to build the independence and skills required to complete everyday tasks and work towards your goals.

The NDIS use the following terms to describe the type of funding you will need for the programs that are a part of the Everyday Life Skills program:

  • Assistance with daily life at home, in the community, in education and at work
  • Transport (to work or community settings which help you pursue goals in your plan)
  • Improved daily living skills
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased social and community participation
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Need support to get funding?

Our community programs coordinator can work alongside your therapist to write a letter of support so that you can apply for, and access, the correct supports at your next NDIS plan review. Having the relevant supports in your plan allows you to engage with our programs and Short Term Accommodation when you leave school.

Register your interest or get started today!

Our School Leavers group for 16 – 21 year-olds commences in early 2023. We are currently taking expressions of interest for the upcoming cohort. Call 1800 193 362 to find out more or contact us below.

You don’t have to wait until 2023 to get started! We currently have availability in a number of our Lifestyle and Leisure programs. Find out more about each program here. For up to date information on availability contact us via the form below.

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