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Jewellery Design Art Program

Do you have a creative side and an eye for detail? Then create your own handmade jewellery at our eight week Jewellery Design program – it could even become your career!

Whether it is resin pouring or clay moulding, you’re guaranteed to learn how to develop sources of inspiration and jewellery design theory.

Working from a $100 budget you will also gain money and time management skills. Kick start your business thinking by sourcing and creating personalised branding to package your unique pieces.

This program is perfect for beginners and will send you home with pieces to keep, gift to a friend or sell online or at the markets!

Program details:

Week 1

Friday 1 July & Saturday 2 July: Research and design your jewellery pieces by drawing sketches and gathering inspiration from magazines. Once you have perfected your designs, you will create a schedule and timeline for each piece so that you can effectively manage your time over the coming weeks.

Week 2

Friday 8 July & Saturday 9 July: Collect the materials required to make your hand-made jewellery pieces. Here you will use your $100 budget to purchase items like resin and jewellery moulds, beads and clips or earing studs. Don’t forget you can select from resources in our Lifestyle & Leisure room too!

Week 3

Friday 15 July & Saturday 16 July: Begin preparation work on your jewellery pieces, including creating any moulds, cutting out polymer clay and painting beads or designs.

Week 4

Friday 22 July: The beginning of the creation process.

Week 5

Friday 29 July & Saturday 30 July: Continue working on your jewellery pieces.

Week 6

Friday 5 August & Saturday 6 August: Develop your own personalised branding and packaging for your finished jewellery pieces. This part of the program kick starts entrepreneurial thinking and business skill development.

Week 7

Friday 12 August & Saturday 13 August: Research and resource desired packaging, and create your own design or logo.

Week 8

Friday 19 August & Saturday 20 August: Make any final touches to the completed designs and package them ready to be gifted to loved ones or even sold as part of a new business venture.

Art programs are perfect for:

Young adults (16yrs – 35yrs) with a creative streak!

Skills developed:

  • Creative thinking
  • Time management
  • Money management
  • Research & business thinking
  • Social skills
  • Community engagement
  • Travel & road safety skills

What to expect:

  • 1:2 or 1:1 support depending on the support required to finalise projects or travel in the community
  • Centre and community based art projects, including jewellery design, live painting, pottery and home décor
  • Develop new skills and find new hobbies
  • Socialise, make friends and have fun
  • Pricing varies according to program


  • Varies according to the activity (approximately six to eight weeks)
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