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Montrose Lifestyle services are restarting!

Great news! We have restarted our Lifestyle and Leisure services. Not all programs are running yet but please contact us to find out more.

New customers are always welcome. Please note that additional safety measures will be in place for all activities. This includes asking all participants to make their own travel arrangements to the venue.

So much to choose from!

Lifestyle and Leisure is all about you and getting the most out of life.

Build your confidence with one of our skills based programs and join one of our social groups for some fun! We also have supported holiday options at Our Getaway on the Gold Coast. All programs and activities are accessible under NDIS. 

Our team have lots of experience working with people with physical disabilities, autism and other additional support needs and can help you get the most out of your choice of activity.

Under 16s don’t miss out – see our school age activities here.

Discover what’s on offer

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Lifestyle Programs

If you want to be active, learn new things and have fun – we have something for you.

View the programs.

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Social Groups & Activities

Are you looking to have a good time, meet new friends or get out in your community?

Find out more.

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Supported Holidays

Who doesn’t like a holiday? We have breaks on the Gold Coast just for you!

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School Age Children

Join one of our teen groups in Brisbane, Slacks Creek and Gold Coast.

Find out more.

Lifestyle Programs

Our Lifestyle programs for young people run in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Slacks Creek/Logan. If you want to be active, learn new things and have fun – we have something for you.

The programs focus on specific themes, however you can pick and choose which courses you want to do. Each program follows a person centred approach and begins with setting your individual goals and what you would like to work towards. This might be a personal goal such as getting fit or moving out or it might be progression onto another course. If you want to know more just give us a call on 1800 193 362.

You can also download our current fee schedule.

Independent living skills icon
Man loading washing machine

Becoming Independent

If you are looking to gain more independence or move out on your own this course is a great introduction to the basic skills you will require.

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Girl on bus with headphones

Transport Skills

Being able to navigate public transport gives you the freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. In this course we will cover how to safety travel by train, bus, taxi, tram and boat.

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Jamie Oliver Cooking Classes

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. With the right basic skills and a few handy recipes, you can create healthy meals in your kitchen with confidence.

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Group of young people cooking

Cooking Class

Learn to find your way around the kitchen. This popular class shows you what’s involved in healthy eating. It takes you through everything  from planning and shopping for nutritious meals through to food preparation and safety.

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Creative Arts icon
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Craft Lovers Group

This group is not just about craft! It’s a chance to relax and chat over coffee with new friends. You’ll have time to explore new skills and try different craft activities. Maybe you’d like to do some knitting or get the scrapbook out.

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Person in wheelchair painting

Smash and Paint

Drumming and art offer you a different way to connect with the world and the people around you. Learn to share your feelings and beliefs through creative expression. Our Smash and Paint Course is perfect for anyone from art enthusiasts to novices.

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icon saying get active
Two people playing basketball

Fit Me Group

Get active and enjoy nature. Our fit me group is about having an active and healthy attitude to life. Each week we will get out and about to new places. Try out some new activities and learn more about staying healthy.

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People in gym

Gym Program

Get your pump on! Grab your gym gear and join this group for a fun, intensive gym workout. Each participant will develop and work on their own personalised gym program. Get active, get sweaty and have fun.

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icon for girls group
Two girls laughing

Girls Group

Our Girls Group offers an safe space to tackle some of the trickier issues in life in a small, female only setting. This carefully constructed program will help participants understand and explore their own feelings, beliefs and self-image. It will also offer practical tips on staying safe and developing important relationships and friendships.

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icon social groups
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Midweek Social Club

You’ll look forward to our weekly social group! It’s a chance to meet new friends and enjoy hanging out. Most importantly, the group decide what they want to do – you plan it and you make it happen! Bring your sense of fun and plenty of ideas! We’ll have regular chats and surveys to see what people want to do so you can help shape the activities.

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Two people in powerchairs

Live Life
Social Club

Are you looking to have a good time, meet new friends or get out and enjoy your community? If so, our Live Life Club will be right up your alley! Join a group of like-minded people who are looking for fun and a great experience. Every week we have something exciting on offer. Once you join we will keep you informed of upcoming social events and how to get involved.

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Thrill Seekers icon
People racing in Karts

Thrill Seekers Club

Does the thought of climbing to great heights or travelling at top speeds leave you tingling with excitement (not trembling in fear)? If you are an adrenaline junky our Thrill Seekers group is just for you. This group is all about pushing your physical boundaries and having a great time while you do it.

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