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Your goals will set the focus for your engagement with Montrose. Whether you are receiving therapy, short stay accommodation or lifestyle and leisure support your initial interactions with Montrose will involve a discussion around your needs and goals. If you are an NDIS customer your goals will be defined in your NDIS plan. Goals are also important for private and other funded clients as they help provide focus for your support team.

Initial therapy appointment
A significant amount of this first appointment will be spent talking with you about your health journey, your challenges and what you are looking to achieve from therapy. It is important to spend this time building an understanding between you and your therapist as it provides direction for your ongoing therapy program.

Ongoing appointments
Our standard therapy appointment is 45 minutes of therapy and 15 minutes record keeping and planning. This is billed at one hour. Additional charges may apply for travel or if additional time is required for preparation.If a standard appointment time doesn’t suit, you can also request longer or shorter appointments.

Home practice
To achieve the best results from therapy, your therapist will provide you with home-based therapy practice ideas. Home-based therapy ideas will be updated as your child progresses and achieves their goals. While we know that life can be hectic, it is important where possible that you prioritise practice of therapy at home. Why? The latest studies in allied health show that therapy progress is greatly enhanced when lessons from weekly or fortnightly therapy sessions are reinforced by regular practice.

Therapy progress notes (school sessions)
If you are not present in a therapy session, such as school or day-care sessions, your therapist will provide a short email summary of what was covered. This will give you an insight into
the focus for the session and how the activities undertaken are working towards your child’s goals. To ensure that maximum time is spent focusing on your child and charges are kept to a minimum, these notes will be brief.

Therapy groups
Montrose runs a number of special interest therapy groups such as Lego groups, school preparation groups, fine motor groups, gait and balance group classes, and water based groups during the summer months. Groups are based on interest in each location and can be run throughout the school term or on school holidays. Watch your Montrose newsletter for information on upcoming groups.

Parent sessions
There may be an occasion where you would like to book a session with your therapist without your child present. Please speak to your local team if you would like to request such an appointment.

Goal achievement plans
A Goal Achievement Plan will be provided to you at least annually. This plan outlines the progress that you have made against your therapy goals and provides recommended goals for the future. For our NDIS funded clients, we recommend that you take your Goal Achievement Plan to your NDIS review as it is a useful tool to advocate for future funding. Your therapist will talk to you about how to do this. If your review meeting is brought forward, be sure to advise us immediately. Find out more about NDIS goals here.

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