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How do I set NDIS goals and plan my services?

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Your goals are about how you want to live your life. Think about the things you like to do, things you want to learn and new things you would like to try.

Make a list of those things and that is the start of your goals. The NDIS has groups of goals such as daily living, community participation, home modifications. You can get support to achieve goals in these areas and more.

The goals you set will determine the type of support you receive and will almost certainly change over time. People have different goals as they get older and you will also probably set both short and medium to long terms goals as part of your plan.

Your therapists will base sessions on achieving the goals in your plan. They can also help identify new or extended goals for when you review your plan with the NDIS.

See our NDIS pages for more information. 

You could also watch this NDIS video:

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