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We want to help you attend your appointments

We understand that some clients’ health condition means that they are more prone to illnesses. Montrose and other disability providers have worked with the NDIA to ensure this is accounted for in NDIS package values.

If however you are struggling with your health and managing appointments, please speak to your local Service Centre Manager about how we can support you.

If you are having trouble making your appointments for any reason, please contact us so we can work together to avoid future cancellation charges.

What is a short notice cancellation?

A short notice cancellation (or no show) is defined as when there is a failure to provide:

  • Two clear business days’ notice for a support or service which is eight hours or less in duration and less than $1,000
  • Five clear business days’ notice, in all other cases.

Where a cancellation is received with short notice, and we cannot reschedule another client for that appointment, Montrose charges 100% of the associated fee as specified in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. This includes charges for appointments and any associated travel.

Here’s a handy reminder of how 2 clear business days is calculated and when you need to cancel to avoid charges:

If your appointment is on:                   You need to cancel your appointment by:
Monday                                                            Wednesday by 5pm
Tuesday                                                            Thursday by 5pm
Wednesday                                                      Friday by 5pm
Thursday                                                          Monday by 5pm
Friday                                                               Tuesday by 5pm

SMS reminders

To help you remember your appointments, we will send you two reminder text messages:

  • Your first reminder SMS will go out 5 days prior. You can reply anytime up until 2 clear business days to cancel and avoid cancellation charges.
  • Your second reminder at 24hrs is a handy reminder for your appointment.

Just let us know if you are not already receiving these notifications as we may need to update your mobile number. Don’t forget, we can often switch appointments to TeleTherapy if you are unable to make it into our centre.

Withdrawing from a Program of Support

Programs of Support run in blocks. If you cancel or do not attend on the day, you will be charged. You will need to provide 2 weeks’ notice if you decide to withdraw from the program completely.


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Montrose is becoming part of Northcott!

Our purpose has always been to provide people with disabilities with the best services possible. This will help us achieve that goal.

In the near future, when you visit Montrose.org.au, you'll be directed to our new website at Northcott.com.au.

You're bound to notice some changes… to our offices, our phone number, and even our uniforms and the way we work with you to achieve your goals.

Your therapist and services, our locations and the cost of your services will NOT change.