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How do I keep track of my NDIS plan?

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We know that some people are unsure what to do when they get their first NDIS plans  and can struggle to spend the money they are allocated. Here’s a few tips to help.

  • Refer to your plan – it sounds obvious but your NDIS plan sets out how much you are expected to spend on each of your supports. This means you can work out how much you have each month or each quarter and check if you are on track.
  • Talk to your therapist – our team will base their sessions on achieving the goals in your plan. They can help you understand why we suggest certain activities and supports.
  • Use the NDIS portal – The participant portal is called myplace where you or a person you trust can access your NDIS information. On the portal you can see your NDIS plans, get messages from NDIS, share your plan, manage service bookings and much more.

See our NDIS pages for more information.

Or watch these videos for more information:

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