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Complaints and client protection

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Clients may want to provide feedback or make a complaint about the services provided by Montrose. It is important to us that you feel supported to be able to provide this feedback. Montrose is committed to a positive complaints culture and making things better for our clients.

SMS feedback

Up to four times a year we will send you an SMS seeking feedback on how your therapy sessions are going. This is a chance to raise any issues/ concerns or to communicate what you like best so that we can make sure it continues. SMS feedback is actively monitored and acted on by your Service Centre Manager so please make sure you let us know how everything is going.

How to make a complaint

If for any reason you have a concern about the service delivered, please visit this page to find out how to give feedback or make a complaint.

Trained and carefully selected staff

Montrose takes the safety of our customers very seriously. Your therapists and support staff are chosen to have the attitude and skills to make a difference to your life. As well as blue and yellow cards, team members have relevant university and postgraduate qualifications, hold memberships of professional bodies and are supported to access relevant ongoing training.


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