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Where can I access therapy services?

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We have various options to meet our therapists to make it as easy as possible for your family to access our services. Each option has different advantages. We encourage you to work with your local team to come up with an option that works best for you.

Local centres

Montrose has modern purpose-built centres across Queensland stocked with a range of therapy resources. These operate full time during business hours and are conveniently located with parking. Appointments are usually available throughout the day and after school. All our centres have dedicated therapy rooms and most have a gym and other facilities. Most centres also have comfortable waiting areas for parents who do not wish to sit in on therapy sessions.

At our purpose-built centres it may be appropriate for some older children to attend therapy sessions independently, however parents should remain within close proximity and be contactable by phone so that they can return to the centre quickly if required.

Home visits

Under certain circumstances, therapy services may be more suitable to be conducted in the home environment – for example to assess home access, or to determine equipment needs. In these cases, we may be able to offer visits in the home. Additional travel charges apply and many services have longer waiting periods for home visits.

Please be aware that parents or a family member/support person must be present for home appointments, to ensure the safety of your child and our team.


With the agreement of your school, we can see your child during school hours. This has the advantage of avoiding the end of the day when children are tired and lets us see them in their school environment. Talk to your local team about whether we are currently visiting your school and if this can be arranged.


In some locations, we also offer local clinics – these may be closer to you but will have limited opening hours and more basic facilities. We use community centres and similar local options to provide a more local service. Most are open one day per week with some offered fortnightly.

These are shared spaces so there may be other activities and groups at the same time. We know this doesn’t work for some of our clients so please talk to our team to see if a local clinic is a good option for you.

Please be aware that parents must be present for clinic appointments, to ensure the safety of your child and our team.



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