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Josh’s Story

Josh was born with AMC (arthrogryposis multiplex congnita). It’s a condition that develops before birth and limits the mobility of joints. The name literally translates from Greek as ‘curving of joints’. In Josh’s case it’s his arms which are affected. There’s no way to cure AMC but with proper treatment and therapy the constricted movement can be significantly improved. Montrose has worked with Josh and his family for more than five years, providing therapy to help with his movement and speech.

Josh is a tenacious young boy. His sessions with Montrose have helped make sure he can attend regular school. He loves reading comics and plays soccer for a team, but there was one thing he’d watch his friends have fun doing and be sad that he couldn’t join in. Like any young boy, Josh really wanted to ride a bike with his friends. So Montrose stepped in and helped source a specially adapted bicycle that he can ride on his own. Dad Richard says this is just typical of the extra mile Montrose goes. We’re here for hundreds of families across Queensland and every year we need to fill a funding gap to make sure we can continue to provide the very best possible support to our families.