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Greater Independence for Rylee

Rylee is in grade nine and has been coming to Montrose since before she started school.

Over the years she has received multi-disciplinary support from Montrose and more recently a new Assistive technology that has had an ‘immeasurable impact’ on the 14-year-olds independence.

Sunshine Coast Physiotherapist Amanda said she had been working with Rylee to improve her quality of walking when she suggested a body orthotic to the family.

“Rylee has significant weakness in her shoulder girdle and hip girdle and as a result has struggled to come to the point of walking. I’ve had other clients use a body orthotic for mobility activities like walking and have seen how beneficial they can be.

“I suggested the idea to Rylee’s Grandmother, Helen, and it was decided it would be worth having an assessment by Second Skin, a major orthotic supplier in Queensland.

“After facilitating the assessment, it was agreed an application should be made for the garment and I supported the family throughout that process,” said Amanda.

Rylee recently received her Second Skin, and while it took some getting used to, she is now enjoying the benefits of the compression garment.

Amanda said Rylee is more stable when she walks and is experiencing increased endurance.

“We are also looking for shoulder and fine motor impacts for her to have improved communication using a communication device, with her school work and education and with waking to assist Rylee to function better in the community, more independently” she said.

Already, Rylee is able to hold a cup to drink and a spoon to eat, giving her greater opportunity for self-feeding. Rylee’s grandmother Helen said prior to the Second Skin, Rylee’s low muscle tone and hyper flexibility meant she had very little fine motor control.

Helen said “What seems to many, like a very small thing, to be able to pick up a piece of sandwich and put it in her own mouth saves another person, primarily her family or support workers, that time. The size of the independence gain is almost immeasurable. To be able to choose when you put a piece of food in your mouth, it must be an amazing feeling to say I choose to do that and I did it”.

The family are excited to see what else Rylee can achieve with the help and support of Montrose.

“With Montrose there is no boundary, so we keep going and see what she can do and she’s doing it well beyond anyone’s expectations since Rylee’s birth,” Helen said.

Physiotherapy at Montrose

Montrose Physiotherapists are experienced in working with children and young adults with complex conditions and physical disabilities to improve mobility and increase participation in everyday life. All of our therapists are paediatric experienced and will follow a play-based approach to make sessions fun and engaging.

We currently have immediate Physiotherapy availability across most centres, including the Sunshine Coast. We also have OT available at some centres for clients who require multidisciplinary support. If you have recently received a diagnosis or you are looking for a new therapy team, call our team on 1800 193 362 to discuss your needs and how our Physiotherapy team can help.

Find out more about Montrose Physiotherapy services here.

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