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Montrose is now offering an innovative new program to help deliver speech pathology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. This Tele-Therapy service uses a web-based platform developed by the University of Queensland.

What are the Benefits?

  • No travel or waiting rooms involved! Talk to us from the comfort of your home. It is ideal if you find it difficult to get to one of our Service Centres or Clinics. It also allows therapists to see you or your child in the home environment.
  • Connect with a wider range of Montrose specialists who may not normally operate in your area.
  • More frequent contact with your therapist.
  • As well as video-conferencing, the system can do measurements and display video or diagrams with annotations by the therapist.

What Type of Therapy is Available?

Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy. Social Work and Psychology consultations may also be available on request.

Does it Work for Everyone?

We recommend using Tele-Therapy for those over 5 years old who do not require support to maintain attention and concentration. Parents need to be involved as well to help with some activities and to take part in the session.

Often, we will use Tele-Therapy to check-in with families between face to face sessions. Talk to your therapist to see if it could work for you.

Is This Just for Rural Areas?

No, although Tele-Therapy is ideal for people in remote regions, we can use the system with customers anywhere.

What Equipment Do I Need?

The software works best on an iPad. You can also access the system on a tablet or laptop via a website. If you do not have access to a device or the internet, Montrose may be able to lend you an iPad.

Is it Difficult to Use?

Montrose will provide training in how to use the system – it’s just like making a Facetime or Skype call!

Do I Have to be an Existing Montrose Customer?

No, we can offer Tele-Therapy to new customers and can help identify funding options for Therapy Services. Self funding gap-only private health payments are also available.

Will this Replace My Face-to-Face Therapy Sessions?

Tele-Therapy is designed to offer greater choice, provide extra support and reduce travelling for customers and families!

Find Out More

To find out more about tele-therapy, you can either talk to your Montrose Therapist, call us on 1800 193 362 or contact us here.

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