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Our school leavers holiday this year saw five young adults enjoy a three day break at Our Getaway Gold Coast in Labrador.

Our Getaway is a fully accessible holiday home built by Montrose that can be rented as 2 or 4 bed apartments or as a 6 bed house.

They loved the house and thought it was “awesome”. Unsurprisingly, they instinctively gravitated to the Xbox and PS4 and the Wi-Fi was enabled before anything else! They all participated in planning the activities they would like to do during the holiday. The first stop was to go grocery shopping together to buy what they needed for meals.

The group enjoyed some new experiences, such as visiting Movie World, and going out for Thai dinner as well as a late night walk along the water front. Some also tried duck for the first time and enjoyed it with one person announcing ‘This is heaps better than MacDonald’s!

They also went to the movies and enjoyed a breakfast buffet. New friendships were formed during the three days. At the end of their mini-break, everyone indicated they would have liked to stay longer and would come again.

One young man commented that the accommodation was excellent “because everything was accessible and it had the luxuries of being an adult – your own ensuite and TV.”

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