Montrose Therapy and Respite ServicesMontrose Therapy and Respite Services

Head Office

2 Westlink Court
(off 10 Station Avenue)
PO Box 3075
Darra QLD 4076

P 1800 193 362


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Media enquiries

Justin Bobbermien, General Manager Marketing
P 07 3717 1184 M 0416 144 538

Tom Roberts, Communications Manager
P 07 3717 1186 M 0416 275 883

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Customer Feedback

Montrose welcomes customer feedback on any organisational issues such as how could Montrose be improving our services or providing services more effectively for our customers. Your feedback is regarded as an invaluable and vital tool in any future planning for the organisation. To provide your feedback, please send an email.


If you have any serious concerns that you wish to raise with or about Montrose that you would like to be treated in confidence, then please send an email to let us know your concerns. To find out how we treat such issues, please read our Whistleblower Policy.

Feedback and Complaints

Download the Complaints Policy here
Download the Complaints Flowchart and Procedures here.
Download the Appeal Process Procedure here.